miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2014


During my life I have practiced a lot of types of dance. When I was young, I practised contemporany dance and 'esbart' popular catalan dances. When I started ESO I left contemporany dance and 'esbart' and I started to practise hip-hop. But, this year I have stopped going to hip-hop and I'm practising 'esbart'. I have also joined jazz dancing. Next year, I will have jazz, I will go on with 'esbart' and I will practise hip-hop again.

In conclusion, I have tried a lot of different types of dances. I liked a lot dancing! Anything!

lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014


The government plans to introduce school pn Saturday mornings in order the improve the level of education.
In my opinion, this change is not good for students.
In the fisrt place, the students practice soprts and they have competitions on Saturdays.
I also believe, the students need Saturdays to do homework and to study because on Sundays a lot of students meet to family.

The aim of the government is to improve the level of education, they should give more money to schools to improve the school material buying computers, books, blackboards and equipme


The magic continues
The actress spent years filming the eight Harry Potter films. Now she has turned the page...

Goodbye Hermione
After the Harry Potter flms made her the world's most famus witch, Emma Watson wanted t o show she had other talents.
Her next big role, as a cool kid in The Perks of Begin a Wallflower (2012), was very different from the studious Hermione. The seven weeks Emma spent filming were the opportunity for her to be a normal teenager for the first time. ''We'd just stay up all night playing guitar and running around the hotel'', she says.

Intelligent star
Emma is not just beautiful... she has brains too! She has studied at Brown University, USA, and Oxford University, England, and loves to read and write poetry. She took a break from her studies to concentrate on her films, which is good news for her fans.

A private person
Emma loves making films but she does not like celebrity life. She is attached to her privacy, which is ironic because in the film The Bling Ring (2013) , she plays a teenager whos is absessed with celebrities and breaks into their houses. It was a challenge for Emma to play a materialistic ç, narcissistic character so different to her!

lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014




The first thing you need to know about 16-year-old Ella Yelich- O'Connor, better know as Lorde, is that she is from New Zeland. This is important because Kiwis are among the most down-to-earth, unpretentious people you'll ever meet. They don't go big on the whole celebrity-adoration thing.
''I've had two of the biggest songs in the country and I can do exactly what I've always done, '' Lorde says: '' I can walk around, go parties with my friends, it's still relatively casual.'' 

jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014


Ask for advice about relationship. 

Hi Júlia, 

We've been on holiday here in Italy for a month naw and I've just met this guy, Jordi. He's absolutely handsome and georgeous, but I'm not sure how I feel about him.

I need your advice. 

We met at a party last week and he invited me to a fizzy drink. We talked about music, cinema... and he filtred with me. When the party finished he invited me to go to his house this Saturday and both said goodbye. 

I've been thinking about all his a lot since then. I'll probably see him later, but 'm not sure about what to do it he asks me out. What do you reckon?